The Austin / San-Antonio Region has long been one of the most popular & desirable places in the country to live and visit.  However, for years, because of this growth from popularity Austin, San-Antonio, and everything in between have been bridled by traffic flow problems hindering its dynamic potential. The Texas Government recognized this problem and put in place a plan of action which resulted in a brand new major roadway being constructed between Austin & San Antonio.  This big bold new roadway ( SH 130 ) was completed in 2015 and traffic has been building on it, relieving the traffic from I-35 ever since.  This new Texas Highway runs right through the middle of Cherryville at the intersection of SH 80 ( as major connecting highway in the region).

This new highway is big stretching 1,000 feet wide, with lots of expansion area for the future, and Bold by setting the highest speed limit in the country of 85 mph to allow drivers to move quickly through the region.

The location is amazing…. you can get anywhere in the region quickly and easily! Come see us, we’d love to have you at Cherryville.


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